Minecraft Pocket Edition Update: What To Expect In Upcoming Villager Trading Patch

Just recently, "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" had just added a new update to the game that features a new texture pack. With this, more and more suggestions about a possible trading update has sprung up.

Fortunately, all of these suggestions have reached the game developers. According to Touch Arcade, the game will introduce a new update that will bring the villager trading feature to the game.

"Minecraft: Pocket Edition" New Update

This will surely improve the reputation of the game as it listens to the longings and suggestions of the community. The villager trading feature is in the PC version of the gameNow, it gets introduced in the pocket edition, to make the game more intuitive and full. The village trading feature is all about initiating trade with another village.

With this, the player gets a trade window that shows the needs of the village, as well as the offers being made. It really is a nifty tool that can greatly help in the game's intuitiveness.

To better understand this, one player might offer an emerald in exchange for ten leathers. With this, the player will have more options in getting more resources.

"Minecraft: Pocket Edition" Suits To The Likeness Of Players

According to TNH Online, this will make the game more open to the player's options and likings. It removes the feeling of being limited due to the fact that it is a pocket version.

This new feature will be released together with the update 1.0.4. A new add-on format will also be introduced together with the villager trading patch.

This will be very helpful in making the gameplay simpler as it updates all the add-ons simultaneously. With these being said, Minecraft will surely increase its player pool, thanks to incorporating a new update that aims to improve the game

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