The Last Of Us 2 Latest Updates: Ellie Might Get Pregnant; Release Date Speculations

"The Last of Us 2" may not be out yet, which might be a disappointing thing to consider. However, fans of the game are not hindered to think and speculate about the possibilities of the upcoming title.

One of the most popular, yet controversial speculation is that Ellie might indeed be pregnant. The speculation roots from the Easter egg that shows a pregnant woman that wearing a gas mask.

Ellie's Possible Pregnancy

This one is a very intriguing scene as the woman's face is not shown, which might hint that this someone is a main character in the game. According to Videogames Republic, most fans believe that the woman might be an older version of Ellie.

However, there are also those that deny this possibility, stating that Ellie doesn't need to wear a gas mask as she is immuned to the virus plague. There are also those that suggest that Ellie wore a gas mask because she wouldn't want to risk her unborn baby's life.

Ellie and the Fireflies

According to IB Times, The Last of Us 2 tells the coming-of-age story that is set in a post-apocalyptic future Earth. There are also speculations saying that the house Ellie was in, in the trailer, might be the Fireflies' headquarters. This stems out from the fact that the Fireflies' symbol was also shown in the trailer. If ever this is true, then it would surely make the game more mysterious, as everyone doesn't know the reason as to why she is there.

But if ever all of the speculations about Ellie's pregnancy is untrue, then who might be the pregnant woman shown in previous video footages? Perhaps that is one of the puzzle pieces that fans and players need to figure out. For now, the game developer has still no official word as to when the The Last of Us 2 release date will be.

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