Tesla Challenged By Luxury Electric Car Maker, Lucid; Musk Needs More Innovation To Survive

At a motor court of a $US55 million Newport Beach estate in California, auto enthusiasts have climbed into the rear of the Lucid Air for its official test ride, and people are already skeptical. Beneath the Jackson Pollack-like camouflage wrap, the California-based car company's prototype has the futuristic look that people have seen in photos, but as other car experts have said, it almost lacks an interior entirely.

First-hand Look Of The Lucid Air

According to a report from NZ Herald, there are barely any metal panels, nor soundproofing, and a vinyl bench seat. Strangely enough, none of the brand's promised luxury selling point is present; no rear-seat screens, no deep reclining chrome, leather, wood, and felted wool cocoons that are supposed to give the Air the feel of a first-class jet cabin.

Reason For All The Missing Features

But most critics have given much of that pass when the test driver, a World Rally Championship racer, pounds the throttle. This rolling test-bed is stripped much of the weight that the real finished sedan will carry; yes, this introduced Lucid Air model has a temporary body that is made of easy-to-produce and replace carbon fiber panels and not aluminum and steel, which is only intended for showcasing purposes.

But despite that, it still manages to dial down to half the 1000 horsepower (745 kW) that the production vehicle will sport from the 130 kWh battery pack integrated into the floor. According to another report from Financial Review, when the driver hits the go pedal, most of the people who were present are literally pinned to their seats.

The Amazing Lucid Air

With an electric motor and active air dampers at each wheel, and all that weight down in the battery and lowering the center of gravity, the car would feel remarkably planted, as we slalom down on a steep hill that leads to the ocean.

The Lucid Air, despite it still being a prototype, has displayed an incredible amount of power that is very much uncommon for an electric vehicle. With that being said, it would truly pose a threat to companies like Tesla once it officially rolls out.

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