'Quantico' Season 2, Episode 14 Spoilers: Alex And Ryan Getting Back Together? Caleb Returns

The hostage crisis is finally over and "Quantico" season 2 will be starting with a new narrative in a one-time line storytelling in episode 14. A new team is formed and new threats are coming. "Quantico" season 2, episode 14 spoilers reveal Caleb will be making a comeback when the series returns.

"Quantico" season 2, episode 14 revealed Lydia as the terrorist behind the attack at the G20 summit. Alex ends her relationship with Ryan by returning him the ring. Meanwhile, the agents will be left to deal with the fallout of Lydia's upload. President Haas assembles a new group of agents which would be a hybrid of CIA and FBI. The members were revealed to be Alex, Shelby, Nimah, Dayana and Ryan.

It was also revealed in the episode that Caleb will be back to take the reins in the new team. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "Quantico" executive producer, Josh Safran, confirmed Caleb's comeback. "He is coming back. I can't say when exactly, but yes, he is back," Safran said. He didn't give details about his character but he confirmed Caleb would be back for more than one episode.

Safran didn't say what happened to Lydia but he added that Owen is still in prison and that episode 14 will see what happened to Harry. The promo for "Quantico" season 2, episode 14 promises a new start. New threats are expected to pop out. "There is a war going on that the world cannot know about. That's why I formed a select team to fight it," Claire tells the new team. She added that they don't know how deep Lydia's team has infiltrated the government.

Meanwhile, Alex and Ryan are forced to work together again. Safran said this would bring their dynamics back. The promo for episode 14 shows the two smiling at each other. "Quantico" season 2, episode 14 will air on Monday, March 20, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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