Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Access Timed Quests

It's been a while since Square Enix released a new feature in Final Fantasy XV, which is  timed quest that comes with update 1.5. The quest will give the players the chance to level up faster and to receive bonuses and rewards. The players can access the quest easily.

Enjoy Timed Quests In Final Fantasy XV

If the players are interested in playing the quest, all they have to do is go to the menu screen. The active quest will appear in the screen to show its location. The timed quest in Final Fantasy will require the players to kill 100 Cactaurs and Slactaurs.

But it will not be a problem for the players because their levels are usually below 15. According to Gear Nuke, since the creatures can cause confusion to the players, they need to eat or to acquire items to use against the monsters' abilities.

If the players will be successful at completing the timed quest in Final Fantasy, then they can get Mega Potions, remedies and high elixirs. Also, the players can get 100,000 EP and have the chance to earn more AP if they use warp strike against Cactaurs and Slactaurs.

Other Features In Final Fantasy XV's Update 1.5

As per Segment Next, Square Enix added two new songs from NieR Automata and that are Inishie no Uta or Unmei and Weight of the World. Update 1.5 for Final Fantasy brought portable music player for chocobo rides.

The Booster + DLC will be available on Feb. 21 and it will include Boost Sword, a new fishing rod called Dragon Mod and Aviol reel. Other than that, Square Enix included bug fixes that the players are currently experiencing in the game.

Hopefully, players will be interested in Final Fantasy XV's timed quests because it is a whole new challenge for them. Also, the new features will make the game even better because of the improvements Square Enix added to it.

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