Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Maximize Prompto's Photo Quests

Final Fantasy XV has many side quests that players have to finish in order to get all the trophy. The players' reward will vary depending on the quests and photographs that Prompto will capture whenever and wherever.

200 EXP In Exchange Of Prompto's Photographs

First and foremost, Prompto's side quest is on chapter three of the game. Noctis' friend will ask him if he can take pictures of sights and places during their drive in Eos. The quest in Final Fantasy XV will happen in Leide and if the players decide to do the quest, they can get 200 EXP.

Granting Prompto's photo op will be easy because all he wants to do is take a picture of a unique-looking mountain. The players need to say yes and automatically they can get the additional EXP. Next, in chapter four, Noctis' friend will take another picture in Balouve Mines. Another 200 EXP will be received by the players.

Another photo op in chapter 4 is along the main road in Golden Quay. Prompto will ask for another group photo with his friends. Guess what? Players will get another 200 EXP. On chapter nine, the photo-loving character will ask to take a picture of a Caravan near Keycatrich Ruins.

Better Photographs In Final Fantasy XV Means Increase In EXP

According to Thumb Sticks, as the players go deeper in the game, Prompto's skills are more enhanced. This means that if the players grant the requests of the photographer, then they will get 250, 300 or even 400 EXP, In chapter six, the players need to go to Wiz in Chocobo Post and let the photographer do his work.

Meanwhile in chapter three, the players need to drive by along Kelbass Grasslands. First, they will drive to Ravatoghan Outpost in Cleigne in order to do Prompto's side quest. During chapter seven, the photo op will happen in Vesperpool in front of a lake.

In chapter eight, there are two photo ops. Prompto might ask the players to go to Saxham Outpost and he will take a picture of something he sees interesting. Another one is about another group picture taken in Cape Caem Lighthouse. If the players want 300 EXP they must finish four tours.

Next quest, players will be rewarded with 300 EXP. The players need to accompany Prompto to take a picture of a waterfalls in Callatein's Plunge. The next object of the photographer is Crow's Nest Mascot. The 400 EXP will be rewarded during chapter nine.

The players need to go in Altissia Pass and take a picture while riding a gondola. At the north of Altissia, the players need to accompany Prompto in a park and take a picture of narwhal sculpture. Lastly, they need to go to Maagno Bar.

It is true that Final Fantasy XV has side quests that seem inappropriate but still players will not deny that they are still enjoyable. The good news is that the players can now take their selfies while playing in the game.

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