Behind Resident Evil 7's Garage Scene Boss Fight

Everyone who played Resident Evil 7 surely enjoyed everything about the game, particularly one boss encounter. The garage scene has left many players with an after-shock that rippled through them, giving them something to mull over and pleasantly bask at the fact that the game managed to surprise them. The Verge spoke with Koshi Nakanishi, the director of Resident Evil 7 regarding the scene.

Resident Evil 7's Garage Scene

The boss fight in the garage of the Baker Home will surely go down as one of the most iconic moments in Resident Evil history. It's when Jack Baker drove the car around the garage while trying to kill the main character, Ethan. The Verge sat down and interviewed Koshi Nakanishi regarding the scene and talked about how they came up with it.

When asked about the conceptual stage, "At the conceptual stage, it was a completely different battle. Setting-wise, it was still set in the garage, but it was more of a traditional boss battle. We prototyped it to the point that we could test it out, but it became pretty clear to us that it was a bit lackluster as it was. We felt the need for the first boss encounter with the Baker family to be as memorable and impactful as possible, so that's when we decided to start adding on to it," Koshi said.

Koshi said that the car was intended to be just a prop in the background until comments about wanting to drive the car rose when they play tested. The team reacted negatively on adding automobile controls just for that particular scene. They only added the scene because they want the players to have the satisfaction of defeating a boss.

Resident Evil 7's Jack Baker

Koshi also talked about Jack Baker and told The Verge that he wanted to create a crazy unpredictable character. A character who can effectively instill the fear to unsuspecting players. Judging by the reaction of players in playthroughs of Resident Evil 7, they did a good job reaching this goal.

Resident Evil 7 also has a secret that Koshi Nakanishi talked about, that many failed to notice. The car in the garage scene was the car Ethan drove at the beginning of the game to get to the Baker house. To read the whole interview, click here.

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