‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 361 Latest Updates: Synopsis Revealed; Togashi’s Health Slowly Improving; May Supervise Takeuchi; February Release Date Unconfirmed?

"Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 fans will be happy to know that their favorite manga series might be coming really soon as new Information about its synopsis, the author's health, and its release date has been teased recently.

Here Is The Synopsis Of "Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361

The story of "Hunter X Hunter" revolves around Gon and his journey. He starts as a small boy and grew up to be a well-known hunter. In his hunting journeys, he was exposed to paranormal stuff. Chapter 360 ended with scenes featuring the dark island and Kurapika.

According to the producers of the anime series "Hunter X Hunter," chapter 361 will be a very informative episode that will introduce a different arc in the story plot. It will show how Kurapika is able to sense parasitic powers starting from his days as a young prince. This chapter will also feature his seven bodyguards, his relationship with the queen and the parasite Nen ability.

Togashi's Health Is Slowly Improving

The major reason for the delay of the release date of "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 is the failing health of author Yoshiro Togashi. But the latest news is that his health is now improving, albeit slowly. This has forced Weekly Shonen Jump to think of other options such as hiring his wife Naoko Takeuchi as a substitute writer. But with Togashi's improving health, he might be able to continue working or possibly supervise his wife's work.

Takeuchi herself is a well-known manga writer. She has worked on the manga anime "Sailor Moon." Therefore, the quality of her work will not be too different from her husband. Fans can, therefore, rest assure that "Hunter X Hunter," chapter 361 will be completed and will soon see the light of day.

February Release Date Is Yet Unconfirmed

It has been rumored in the past months that "Hunter X Hunter," chapter 361 will be released sometime in February 2017. There are only about 6 or 7 days left before the month ends so it appears that the creators will not be able to launch this chapter in due time. A lot of things depend on the work of Togashi and his wife Takeuchi.

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