‘Steven Universe' Season 4 Spoiler: Rocknaldo Takes The Spotlight

For the last two episodes, the producers of the show “Steven Universe” showed a different side of them. “The Crystal Gems” and “Storm In The Room” are now widely considered as one of the best episodes in the history of the series.

For those who missed the episode “Storm In The Room”, here’s a quick recap. Steven was in a deep conversation with her mother (Rose Quartz). They started with a light note while discussing things that would have been done if she was still around. Then Steven suddenly got mad at her mom and calling her a liar. Rose Quartz was able to calm him down and Steven was able to understand why he has to endure all the things that life is currently throwing at him.

“Steven Universe” New Episode “Rocknaldo”

Their season might be coming to an end but they are still providing must see episodes. So what’s next with “Steven Universe”? Well, it was reported a few hours ago that the next episode will revolve around Ronaldo. The creative team was able to shed some light on what Ronaldo is all about. However, it seems that the minor character has a major concern against Steven and his gems. Ronaldo first appeared in the episode “Frybo”.

Ronaldo Fryman who is a resident of Beach City is also a geek to an extent. He manages a blog site called “Keep Beach City Weird” which gives the fans an idea that he might cause some trouble to Steven and the gems. This will not be the first time that Ronaldo questions everything about supernatural phenomena and will do everything to unmask Steven. According to a Reddit thread, the very reason why Ronaldo is obsessed in exposing Steven is because he is jealous of his gems. Apparently, Ronaldo is not scared of supernatural things, he just wants to be part of it.

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