Clash Of Clans Tips And Tricks: How To Use Pekkas And Healers Perfectly

"Clash of Clans", a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, has proven to be very popular. Since its release in 2012 for Apple and Android devices, its popularity still hasn't waned. One of the most popular strategies that its players are using is the use of Pekkas and healers. These are used to raid villages effectively.

Clash of Clans Pekka And Healer Combination

This is probably one of the best strategies out there that has been proven to effectively raid out villages. Having a Town Hall level 9 is very important if one is to use Pekkas. These would also work efficiently if there are healers surrounding them.

According to TNH Online, using lots of Pekkas in raids is proven to be very effective. However, be sure to let them walk together to the opponent's base. Players should also be sure that the Pekkas will really go to the pointed spot, and not to another place.

Knowing The Terrain Before Dropping Off Pekkas And Healers

Players should never drop them immediately to the location. With this, it is important to know how the troops will move once they are deployed in the place. Bases that have gaps are the best choices for raiding. Drop the Pekkas near these gaps, and they will surely get in easily.

According to Latin Post, Pekkas are the best tankers in Clash of Clans, despite them easily taking damage. This is because they can recover very fast. However, to make use of them effectively, players should use healers. This is heavily recommended if the player is using the funnel strategy in covering greater areas.

With this, one should always keep in mind that Pekkas should always be accompanied by healers. Just bear in mind, that experience is still the best teacher. Playing Clash of Clans more will lead to more experience, thus, more visuccessful raids and victories.

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