God Of War Developer Cancels Upcoming Sci-Fi Game After Leaks Went Out

It has been reported that various concept art images of a planned out sci-fi game from the game developer, Sony Santa Monica, was just leaked out. Nerdleaks was the first one to have spotted the images.

It says that the photos were published by a former employee who worked on the game before he left the company way back in 2014. Since its leak, the complete gallery was then supported by Imgur.

Knowing More About "Darkside"

According to GameSpot, the game had a futuristic setting, featuring enemies that were dinosaur-like. It also focused more on its exploration gameplay. "Darkside" was the codename that the game had, since it still has no official name.

It was also under development in the Sony Santa Monica studio, the same studio that made the "God of War" games. According to GamePur, the game was suddenly cancelled in 2014, after the company had experienced a number of employee layoffs.

It also had been under development since "God of War 3" has been developed. Up until this point, there is still no official word coming from the game developer as to why the game was cancelled.

Reasons Still Unknown

For now, the current project that Sony Santa Monica publicized is the PlayStation4's "God of War", which was announced at E3 2016. Cory Barlog, the director of the game, backs up the upcoming "God of War" game, saying that it will feature a more diverse emotional palette.

What this probably means is that it might deal more on the emotional and human side of Kratos, knowing that his son will be with him. He then adds that there are talks about reinventing the character and personality of Kratos that would better match the perspective of the game series.

The game is set right after the events of the third game in the franchise. T.C. Caron, the original voice actor for the character, Kratos, will also not anymore be featured. Instead, Cristopher Judge will take over the role. He is best known for being the cast of Stargat SG-1. The upcoming "God of War" game will not have any multiplayer gameplay, similar to that of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game, "Horizon Hero Dawn".

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