The US iPhone Users Spent $40 On Average For In-App Purchases

Apple's revenue has always been a top interest to fans. As one of the most popular companies in the world, it's interesting to see how much the iPhone-maker makes in a year. As per recent reports, Apple earns an average of $40 per customer from the US App Store alone. This analytics is for 2016 and it is a leap from the previous year's figures. It's worth noting that in 2015, the average earning of the US App Store was only $35 per person.

According to Apple Insider, the increase in Apple's US App Store revenue was largely contributed by games. It was said that games revenue accounts to 80 percent of the App Store's profit. This means that about $27 is spent on games per device. In the previous year, the figure for games was just $25 per unit.

The Entertainment category has also received a boost in sales. From $1 in 2015, the figures went to $2.30 in 2016. This rise in sales is attributed to video services that gained popularity over time. Netflix, HBO and Hulu are three of the names that might have allowed the App Store to see an increase in revenue in the Entertainment category.

Networking and media apps also saw an increase in sale and so did the Music category. As per the source, Music rose by $0.20 from $3.40 to $3.60. This includes streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora and Apple's own Music app.

It's worth mentioning though that the number of installed apps actually reduced. This means that the iPhone users stuck on their old and trusted apps and rarely downloaded new apps from the Apple Store. This is totally a bad news for new developers and a slightly frustrating news for old developers who are creating new apps. Apparently, people are sticking to the App Store's older apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

These conclusions are drawn from 132 million iPhones and from other research sources. As for Apple's actual profit from all these sales, know that 30 percent of the revenue goes to them. This means that Apple is indeed making a big fortune not only from selling the iPhones but also from the apps that users download.

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