Countries With Apple Pay Support: More Places To Be Added Soon

Apple Pay is slowly but surely making its way to more places worldwide. Although the payment system can't completely invade every country considering the competitions, Apple is doing all it can to offer its services to more people. A few days ago, news broke out about three major Australian banks that refuse to accept Apple Pay. Now, this report has been overshadowed by a positive news saying that Apple Pay is coming to a couple more countries.

Apple Pay To Add Germany And Italy To Its Supported Countries

According to iMagazine via 9to5Mac, there were a lot of hints found on Apple's website that suggest the arrival of Apple Pay to Germany and Italy. It's worth noting though that this isn't the first time that similar clues have been spotted online. Four months ago, there were also some German documents found on the website that suggest Apple Pay's arrival. Those documents did not stay long in the German Apple site. However, just a few days ago, a pair of added documents have once again been spotted, and this time, it refers to the arrival of Apple Pay to Germany and Italy.

This new leak about Apple Pay's expansion is a bit more credible than the one from months ago. Nevertheless, until Apple confirms anything, it's important to be a bit skeptical about the rumors. The company might actually hold a March event to launch new products including the iPads and new iPhone variants. This could also be a good time for the company to talk about Apple Pay's progress.

Countries That Support Apple Pay

It's hard for payment systems like Apple Pay to take over each country one hundred percent. However, it's undeniable how Apple's service has expanded over the years. Right now, Apple Pay is supported by 11 banks in Canada and more than a thousand banks in the US, as per Apple's site. In Europe, Apple Pay is in France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and UK. In Asia-Pacific, the Apple service is also supported in Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

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