The Yukimaru Quadcopter Is A Japanese Drone For Tourists

Japanese town Oji aims to lure more tourists with the help of the Yukimaru doggy drone. The short film that featured the quadcopter also showcased Oji's tourist attractions including the Daruma Temple, Mount Myojin and Yamato River. The town isn't as popular as Tokyo but it does win when it comes to tourism efforts. Oji will be making use of the doggy drone to get more people to visit its little town.

Yukimari Dog Drone Commercial

According to The Verge, it's unclear whether or not the drone used in the commercial is an actual unit or a product of CGI. Nevertheless, RocketNews24 said that the drone is indeed real. It may also show up in the town during festivals and car dealership openings. Yukimaru is now Oji's official mascot and a close-up video was also uploaded for better inspection of the quadcopter.

You might remember the cartoon character Dogcopter when looking at Yukimaru, who coincidentally, also brings joy to the kids. As per the mascot's Facebook page, Yukimaru is making appearances around town in the form of a costumed mascot. So far, kids and families love the doggy as evidenced by the uploaded photos.

Yukimaru isn't the first mascot that Japan has developed. The country actually has a bunch of mascots to entertain residents and tourists. However, this could be the first time that the mascot has rotors attached to it. Yukimaru is practically the first flying mascot that Japan, or probably any country, has ever produced.

Drone Technologies 2017

Drone technology has been very progressive in the past years. What used to be mere high-end toys are now slowly perfected by manufacturers. Camera drones are used in different fields including, photography, real estate, videography, and many more. Nevertheless, Oji may be the first one to use a drone as a town mascot, and Yukimaru may also be the first drone that mimics an adorable little dog.

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