Most Kid-friendly Drone Aura Is Controlled By Hand Gestures

Drones are getting more intelligent as the years pass by. What used to be a mere first-class toy has now become an essential equipment in different business industries. Right now, drones can be classified either as a business tool or a high-tech toy, and one of the most recent toy drones that have been introduced is the Aura drone from KD Interactive. This new drone is unlike your usual toy drone that flies with a remote controller. The Aura drone can be controlled by simple hand gestures.

Aura Toy Drone Launched

KD Interactive just recently displayed the Aura drone at the New York Toy Fair 2017. The company has successfully developed a drone that gets rid of the complicated remote controller that takes effort and time to master. To replace drones' remote control, KD developed the Aura to respond to hand gestures in flying the quadcopter. As per CNET, the Gesturebotics technology found in the Aura drone is powered by LocoRobo and the product is expected to carry a price tag of $100 when it starts shipment this fall.

Aura Toy Drone Overview

According to PR Newswire, the Aura drone comes with a glove controller that allows users to enjoy controlling the drone by means of hand motions. The Aura can climb walls, fly and roll. It also comes with a rolling cage that acts as a protection. On top of it, the Aura drone also uses headless navigation that allows it to always follow the user's desired direction regardless of its original orientation.

The gesture technology found in the Aura drone is previously only found in military applications. To use the drone, the user has to pair it and the glove controller. The Aura will then auto-take off and hover at about four feet from the ground. Take note that this drone will also remain obedient to its designed height and distance limitations. This means that the Aura is perfect for indoor flying and it also offers families a more controlled flying experience for their kids.

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