Experience First Hand Crashes With Air Hogs Racing Drones

Air Hogs toy drones make your dream to fly a drone first-hand come to life. The next line of drones from the brand will be less pricey and less difficult to maneuver. For just $100 or less, you'll be able to fly a high-tech toy drone with convenience.

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone

This tiny drone has a camera in front of it that can live-stream to your smartphone. It has an included headset for the FPV experience. Additionally, as per CNET, the DR1 FPV race drone has ducted propellers and a built-in pressure sensor for safety and easy-flying. With this drone's technology, you can concentrate on mastering the controls and on enjoying the first person view instead of worrying about the toy's safety. This Air Hogs drone costs $100 which translates to about AU$130 and £80.

Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone

If you want a simpler and more affordable toy drone option, you can get the smaller version of the FPV. The DR1 Micro Race Drone is practically a small FPV that's stripped off of its camera and headset. Nevertheless, it also has a cheaper price of $40 (£30 / AU$50).

Air Hogs Drift Drone

For the same price as the DR1 Micro Race Drone, you can also get the Air Hogs Drift Drone. It is a small quadcopter like the DR1 but it also has the features that allow it to both be driven on the ground and flown above.

Air Hogs FPV Race Car

The FPV Race Car is sold for $100 and it is like the FPV drone. It also has a camera that allows users to live stream as they drive it. The FPV Race Car is practically the car version of the drone.

Air Hogs Robo Trax

This robot drone has a price of $75 (£60/AU$100). What makes the Robo Trax different from the other drones is that it is an all-terrain tank that can shoot a missile. It can also be converted into a self-balancing robot.

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