Final Fantasy XIV News: Square Enix Is Considering The Nintendo Switch

The Final Fantasy franchise might make its way soon to the Nintendo Switch. In a  fan meeting, producer Naoki Yoshida discussed this possibility. However, there is a limitation that is hindering this process.

Final Fantasy XIV News: Coming Soon On Nintendo Switch?

Last week, Hajime Tabata stated that that Final Fantasy XV will not be launched to Nintendo Switch. Express reported that Tabata said that the game will not be able to run on the console. After this, fans have looked at another possibility, and that went to FFXIV.

Naoki Yoshida explained the possibility of bringing the game to the Switch. He said that the goal of Final Fantasy XIV development team is to make the game more accessible to more players. Meaning that releasing it to other consoles is is highly possible. However, there is a limitation to this goal.

The limitation is that the team doesn't want to make a "boxed-off" version of Final Fantasy XIV  just to be able to play it to the Switch. That won't be enough to allow the players to interact with other players to other consoles.

If this limitation can be defeated, then FFXIV's team is more than happy to launch the game to the Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy XIV News: Gameplay on the Switch

The possibility of the Final Fantasy XIV coming to the Switch means a lot to the gameplay. Tech Times reported that if it does happen, players can play the game on the go. Which is good for an MMORPG. There is still no concrete plan for this yet though but many fans are already excited.

By the end of the day, it's still up to Nintendo if they will allow Final Fantasy XIV to come to their console and whether or not they will permit a cross-platform play.

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