Top Hardest Video Game Levels Ever

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 22, 2017 05:50 PM EST

In any video games, there will surely be a bad level. Even a favorite game can have that one very mission that nearly ruins the game for players. It may be poorly designed or the level might be a different gameplay that takes the game into a different genre. It could impose an unreasonable time limit upon its players. Sometimes, it isn't very good in general, bad things happen and so does in the game that players love. So this article will run down on some worst levels that players hated in some games. 

Metal Gear Stealth Play

Stealth games are sometimes not merely loved by some players. There are very few games that really get these missions right, and even though a player already know what they are doing, they still might mess it up. First in the list is the game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty wherein Raiden wakes up completely naked inside the Arsenal Gear. Players need to sneak their way out through the underwater fortress with none of his equipment or items used. The level is quite hilarious since Raiden can do naked cartwheels but this part is really difficult and tedious.

Halo With The Flood

With the game Halo being the masterful shooter game, it is really difficult to believe that there could ever be something wrong with it. The Library mission in Halo: Combat Evolved is certainly a level where players will give a pass, since it was the very first installment or due to the fact that the level is so horribly difficult. Just a few steps of walk, players will instantly deal with a swarm of the Flood, another few steps there will be more flood. The level had players through same hallways facing same enemies over and over again. What's worse is that it was all flood which was really hard as it makes the level really hardest in a game ever.

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