'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Theory: Scavengers Connected With The Kingdom?

New characters have been introduced in "The Walking Dead" Season 7. Aside from a unique-looking walker, an intriguing new group has been added to the cast as well. The Scavengers could be Rick's answer in fighting against Negan, but who exactly are The Scavengers?

Blood Relation Between Members Of The Scavengers And The Kingdom?

The Scavengers (also known as The Heapsters to some) is led by Jadis. Rick recruits them to fight against Negan, but Jadis, instead of giving him an answer, pushed Rick into a pit where he faced off with a walker, Independent said. Later on, Jadis then said, "and then we'll fight your fight," causing Rick to break into a smile.

According to ComicBook, interesting theories have been made regarding this new group. Some fans theorized that the group could intensify the relationship between them and The Kingdom. The reason? They could be related - according to a fan theory, at least.

A Fan Said That Diane And Tamiel 'Look Similar'

A Reddit user suggested that two of the series' minor characters may have a blood relation. In the last episode, this fan said that both Diane, one of Ezekiel's soldiers, and Tamiel, one of The Scavengers, could actually be sisters.

The fan points out that both characters have been accented in the last episode, and that they "look similar." If this theory is correct, fans should expect an interesting twist in "The Walking Dead" Season 7. Although both Diane and Tamiel are secondary characters, this theory, if proven correct, could be a major part of the members of The Kingdom to hopefully join the fight against Negan.

Meanwhile, another interesting plot in last week's episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 was when The Saviors finally knew about Daryl's escape. How will Negan react to this? Episode 11 is titled "Hostiles and Calamities" and will air on February 26.

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