BMW And Lego Are Working On A Flying Motorcycle: Everything We Know

BMW And Lego Are Working On A Flying Motorcycle: Everything We Know
Technology is ever developing and ideas that once seemed farfetched are now slowly becoming realities. In a partnership between Lego and BMW, the concept of a flying motorcycle seems well within reach. Photo : A D I/YouTube

Technology is a fast growing industry and more and more, ideas that once seemed impossible are slowly becoming realities. Flying vehicles have long solidified their standing in sci-fi movies and the like, but the actual concept has not been discovered in the actual world. This, however, may soon change with a concept from Lego and BMW.

As noted by Top Gear, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure from Lego Technic is easily accessible. The kit comprises of 603 parts that recreate a miniature version of the running GS Adventure. But as the publication has reported, that same concept has since given birth to an alternative, the BMW Hover Ride Design Concept.

Lego and BMW got together to create a concept hover bike. The auto company has gone on the record to say that the bike is "full of emotion and creative energy." However, it also gave caution in saying that it is not "laying claim to technological plausibility." The company even built a life-size replica of the same, which is scheduled for showcasing at Leg World in Copenhagen and then Denmark before it makes home at BMW's Munich base.

Lego Technic has become popular for its building kits, which allow users to build multiple products. As The Merkle reported, this particular idea was simple at the beginning as the company only released a concept that could help people dream up the idea of flying vehicles. A motorcycle that hovered over the road instead of moving via tangible wheels was simply intriguing until BMW made it a reality.

When the BMW design team got its hands on the same, it became somewhat a reality. The BMW Junior Company, which is comprised of talented young designers that are looking to master their craft before being promoted for the parent company, took notice in particular. The Lego Hover Ride caught their attention and they decided to bring the concept to life.

To build a life-size version of the Hover Ride, the BMW Junior Company had to specially design and create a lot of the materials used. It was an ambitious undertaking and, all things considered, the project was a success. The unit looks spectacular and real, but more importantly, it made the idea plausible for reality. The group, however, was unsuccessful in actually making it fly.

At this point, the Hover Ride is a marvel to look at despite it not being ready for actual use. Even at this stage, the project has gained a lot of attention and a notable following. The publication even reported that an actual drone motorcycle will likely become a reality in the next few years.

Earlier this month, Dubai made its intentions to make drone taxis a reality, so the idea that drone motorcycles can one day be used does not seem that farfetched. But other than developing the technology needed, there is the hurdle of safety to overcome as well. If drone machines for travel will become a reality, interested companies must first settle that issue before releasing anything to the public.

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