Disney Creates Room That Magically Charges Multiple Devices

The scientific and tech research arm of Disney has successfully created a room that can charge any mobile device inside it. The prototype room was able to do so without wires.

Disney Research is working on what it calls the "Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer." While it may be a mouthful, the tech is simply about an innovative living room in which devices are charged wireless while inside. The tech, also described as a volumetric wireless power for liveable spaces, instantaneously charges multiple devices similar to how the internet is spread and accessed through Wi-Fi.

According to ARS Technica, the room should be built on purpose. The tech cannot simply be added to an existing room in a house or building since the floor, ceiling and walls are made up of aluminum panels that are integral to the system. An elongated copper pipe is also built in the middle of the room. In the middle of the pipe, a small part has been cut out to make way for a ring housing 15 capacitors. A signal generator and a power amplifier, which are positioned just outside the room, provide up to 1,900 watts of power.

CNET noted that the innovation is generally safe to people as long as they stay at least 46cm away from the pole. In other words, do not use the pole for pole dancing or sliding down like a fireman (or woman). The Disney people are still working on ways to keep the tech even safer including the possibility of using conductive paint or modular panels.

It may take a little more time before Disney's ubiquitous wireless charging technology can be applied to spaces bigger than a room or even to a whole house or building. Google's mesh Wi-Fi network has already succeeded in bringing strong and seamless internet connection throughout the home so such a feat is not that far-fetched. Also, it is an exciting thought that Disney's magical parks may someday utilize wireless power sources for their shows and other features.

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