Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Will Boast A 6.44-Inch Display And A 5,000 mAh Battery

Xiaomi is expected to make a huge hit in the smartphone market this year with its rumored launch of the Mi Max 2 in May. This is in addition to several mobile devices that the company is already working on. Apparently, this handset will offer incredible specs and features that would make the Chinese giant increase its popularity.

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Will Be A Bezel-Smartphone With A 6.44-Inch Panel

According to a post on Chinese social media Weibo, the Mi Max 2 will have a spacious 6.44-inch panel, and more visible bezels than they are on the Mi Mix. In fact, this huge size is another important characteristic of its predecessor, which makes it quite predictable even when it is known that most smartphone customers prefer smaller mobile devices. However, considering that the Mi Max was a great success for Xiaomi, the 6.44-inch display is something that its fans will definitely love.

The Mi Max 2 Will Have One Of The Most Powerful Batteries Ever

Another important detail that the rumors suggested was that the Mi Max 2 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and will sport up to 6 GB of RAM with 128 GB of built -in storage. Even when it doesn't seem quite outstanding that such a new mobile device won´t come with the latest processor, the Mi Max 2 might pack an incredible 5,000 mAh battery.

Naturally, this means that this will be one of the most powerful Chinese smartphones, to the point in which it can be easily used for more than a day without having to worry for charging. In fact, the Mi Max 2 battery will be larger than almost every single Chinese smartphone we´ve seen so far, which seems quite incredible for a brand that still have its doubts on making the leap to the American market.

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