‘Cash Me Outside' Girl Challenged The Kardashian's To A Fight

Months have passed but “Cash Me Outside” Girl is still making headlines. Apparently, the brash mouth, 13-year-old teen calls out the Kardashian and stated that she will slap the hell out of the A-list family.

'Cash Me Outside' Girl Makes Its Debut

Ever since she appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, this teenager took the world by storm. She has appeared on various websites, tons of memes, and video parodies. “Cash Me Outside” girl or Danielle Bregoli is the latest member of internet stardom. She was shown to Dr. Phil because the teenager is in need of help. However, “Cash Me Outside” girl is defiant and showed us why her mom has a hard time handling her.

There were rumors that the persona she showed was just a stage play. According to some reports, Danielle Bregoli is a normal teenager who loves doing teenager stuff. However, just two days after the report, “Cash Me Outside” girl just debunked those speculations. She showed again the media how unruly she can be and when she was asked about the Kardashians? She let them know what she feels.

Danielle Bregoli Wages War With Kardashians

The reporter asked Danielle Bregoli about Kylie Jenner going back at her. Bregoli stated that nobody is scared of Kylie Jenner. She also stated that she will whop every Kardashian and calls out every member of the A-list family. “Cash Me Outside” girl also questioned the Kardashian’s of being famous and doesn’t understand why they are here on earth. Then she dropped the bomb when she talked about Kim Kardashian and the infamous scandal with Ray J.

During her interview with The Cruz Show, she stated that Dr. Phil is fake. She hates Dr. Phil so much she doesn’t want to have any acquaintance with him. As for Kylie Jenner? Well, she started again with her tirade stating that Kylie Jenner is a mess without those plastic surgeries and implants.

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