‘Dance Moms' Season 7: Abby Lee Miller Sentenced? Why Chloe Lukasiak Matters

Abby Lee Millers is “Dance Moms”. With that said, she is the pioneer of the show and the show wouldn’t exist without her. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, the show must go on even without her.

Abby Lee Miller’s Case

It is fully documented that Abby Lee Miller is facing some issues in her life. The 50-year-old native from Pittsburg admitted that she had some fraud issues which she couldn’t escape. Last year, her case was revisited and the money that was involved is bigger than expected. Right now, Abby Lee Miller’s case is up for grabs. Basing on the “crime” that she committed, she should be sentenced for at least 2 years in jail. A lot of fans are appealing for her case and they want her not to be treated like a criminal. But some of them understands that if they commit a crime, they should do some jail time.

Chloe’s Impact On The Show

If Abby Lee Miller will be sentenced, who will take over the show? There are numerous names that can be considered as the new anchor of the “Dance Moms” but some fans won’t accept the fact that Miller will be leaving. Also, Chloe Lukasiak made its impending return on the show.

The crowd favorite and her stage mom left the show due to some undisclosed issues. But time heals all wounds as she was set to reconnect with her old team. According to reports, Chloe heard that her team will be in town and she didn’t hesitate to make the decision to meet them.

Chloe also has her mom’s blessing as stated in her recent interview. Her stardom went global when she left the show. She already has her own fashion line, successful dance events, and recently completed her third film.

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