Instagram's New Feature Allows 10 Photos And 1 Video In A Single Post

Instagram launched a new feature that lets users share multiple images and a video in one single post. The photos and video in each post can be viewed in a carousel-style digital photo album.

The update, which was announced through a post on the Instagram blog, will allow the Instagram user to share up to ten photos and one video in one post. If the user has 100 photos of last night's surprise birthday bash, instead of posting a hundred times, the user can share everything in just 10 posts. Simply put, the update negates the annoying and seemingly endless notifications that come with sharing too many posts. Another interesting use for the new feature is for sharing step-by-step procedures, say, a certain recipe or a DIY project which can be useful for celebrities, particularly chefs and DIYers, to get more followers.

To use the new feature, which is similar to Instagram Stories, simply tap on its icon within the Instagram account. The user can then select up to ten images and a video. These files can be edited or filtered individually or as a whole post. The order of the files can also be rearranged. All these tasks can be performed using simple tap and hold gestures. Once shared, the recipient will know if the post is the carousel-type if he or she sees an icon which will signify that there are more than one file. When in feed, the little blue dots below can be swiped to reveal the next images or video.

Venture Beat pointed out that the new Instagram feature limits the photos and videos to square ratios which is quite questionable considering the photo-sharing service already got rid of the restriction a couple of years ago.

The new Instagram feature comes with the 10.9 update for iOS and Android which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively. The update is available starting today, Feb. 22, to all Instagram users.

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