‘Attack On Titan' Chapter 91 Predictions: Marley Lies Beyond The Ocean; Will Annie Finally Wake Up?

The latest chapter of the manga series, “Attack on Titan”, otherwise referred to as “Shingeki No Kyojin” revealed a new hope for Eren and his comrades. The true secret behind the titans and the fate of those living within the Walls have been finally put into light. It has been confirmed that the titans were indeed human beings who belonged to a race called the People of Ymir and that the people who lived within Walls shared the same fate.

As they realize that they are more susceptible to threat from the outside world because of resources and other sorts, the people living in the Walls cooperate to protect themselves. Now that they know that they are considered as monsters, a bigger threat, by the outside world, they set off their best teams to hunt down the rogue titans. A year has passed after endlessly scouring the lands outside the Walls for any remaining titan that could pose a threat.

Eren and his comrades then reach the end of the land, the ocean where beyond that lies their true enemies. Though the recent chapter of “Attack on Titan” drew near to the whole truth and probably the final showdown of the series, things can still be unpredictable. Fans are speculating that Marley will show up in their ironclad warships and Eren and his team will have to fight them off to protect the Walls and acquire the means of transportation to cross the seas.

Some have speculated that in “Attack on Titan” Chapter 91, there is also the possibility of discovering another race or continent. If this is the case then it could introduce a whole new set of characters that can either be enemies or new allies who can help the Walls fight off Marley. Either way, Eren is intent on protecting the Eldians from any kind of threat.

Fans are also expecting that Annie, one of the first titans introduced, will finally wake up from her comatose in "Attack on Titan" Chapter 91 especially when it has been a while since she was showed. In the first parts of the story, she fought Eren in their titan forms and in order to protect herself, she crystallized herself and she remains alive though trapped in a shell. The reason behind why she would wake up remains a mystery and if she doesn’t come back, a flashback of her story would suffice.

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