Battlefield 1 News: DICE Is Fixing The Pouring Of Grenades

DICE will be revamping some features in Battlefield 1 especially some unexpected scenes such as grenades raining down. After implementing changes in the game, players will not experience grenades blowing suddenly.

People from DICE will eliminate the problem connected with the raining of grenades in Battlefield 1. The developer finally decided to fix the issue because players are not happy with grenades coming down from the sky.

According to VG247, DICE will give the players what they want because the developer wants to please them, of course. But the developer will try to fix the grenade problem without sacrificing important features in the Battlefield 1.

The developer has somewhat solved the problems regarding the grenades during the release of Winter update for the game. The grenade supply will be lessened but the ammo supplies will remain the same because the players need them.

The players will not be able to carry the same amount of grenades unlike before in Battlefield 1. Also, the different grenades will have new supply rate, as per GameZone. Frag, Light AT, Impact, and Incendiary will have 36 seconds.

While gas grenades will have 27 seconds rate, the mini grenade's rate will now be 24 seconds and smoke grenades will become 18 seconds. The rate changes mean that players can only carry one type of grenade unlike before that they can hold two.

Last change will be for ammo pouches. They will not hold any grenades and that is good news for the players because the team will now look for their own supplies and they will have more time to help their support players.

Hopefully, players will be able to adapt to the changes in Battlefield 1 because the grenade's rate will greatly affect the game. Also, DICE should focus on the different problems players are encountering in the game before they even lose their players.

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