Nokia Lumia 928 Sighted At Music Event: Finally Proof It's Real?

Up until now, the Nokia Lumia 928 has been a thing of total myth. There have been a few alleged "leaks" and numerous rumors, but in the end no one can be certain whether the phone even exists (or ever will), and in fact a Nokia representative herself told iTech Post very recently that the entire idea was a "dirty, dirty rumor."

But now we're seeing that it's possible this "dirty, dirty rumor" of a phone actually showed up in a (semi) public setting, as the Nokia Lumia 928 allegedly was seen at a private music event and may have even been used to record the show.

"Nokia hosted a small, private concert last night with artist Ed Sheeran (headliner for Taylor Swift) in New York City," the Nokia Blog reported on Friday, May 3. "I expected a launch for the rumored Nokia Lumia 928, but Nokians told me when I got there that we wouldn't see anything new. I later found out they weren't telling the whole truth." 

There were apparently a few bloggers and analysts at the show, under the auspices that it would be a way to check out the Nokia Lumia 920s. Folks were even handed 920s in order to shoot the concert. But then something odd was noticed: Along with the Lumia 920s, there were also spotted what Nokia Blog referred to as "several devices covered in black cases on tripods, monopods, and even carried by a few people walking around." And apparently the devices seemed to match the description of the "rumored" (the blog makes sure to point out) Nokia Lumia 928.

"The xenon flash was unmistakable," Nokia Blog says. "I think the event was was set up to be filmed with several Nokia Lumia 928 devices. Nokia will probably publish this video during the launch."

Nokia Blog adds that the devices seen at the concert had backs that matched leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 928, too, along with its xenon flash and "roundish" speakers on the back.

"The top of the [alleged] Nokia Lumia 928 has the audio jack on the left and a microUSB or HDMI port in the center."

As there is an exclusive event being held in London on May 14, we're all anticipating the official reveal at last of the Nokia Lumia 928 at that time.

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