A New Futurama Game Is Coming To Mobile

"Futurama" fans are going to have a blast, with news that the highly popular cartoon show is set to be made into a mobile game. To those who are not aware, "Futurama" is a story of a pizza delivery boy named Philip J Fry or more commonly known as "Fry" who is accidentally, cryogenically frozen and woken up a thousand years later to a future where space travel has become standard and where aliens eat, live and breathe beside humans.

About The Game

According to the Verge, the game will be called Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow and will be developed by TinyCo, the company responsible for bringing games like Family Guy: Quest for Stuff and Marvel: Avengers Academy into reality.

More About The Game

In an article by GameSpot, the content for the game is made by the original team behind the TV show including the creators Matt Groening and David Cohen. It was stated that TinyCo would be developing the game, but will also be working with Rough Draft Studios, the original animators of "Futurama," to make sure that the game stays true to "Futurama" itself.

In the press announcement of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, Groening said that he loves that game because it feels exactly like "Futurama" except for the fact that people can jab the characters in the face. When pressed on what the game would be, Groening goes on to say that at this point in time, he doesn't have any idea of what the game would look like.

With TinyCo in the helm of development, fans, players and critics were quick to assume that it's a big possibility that Futurama: World of Tomorrow may borrow some aspects from the games that TinyCo has released in the past to bring reality into the game. Although Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow has already been revealed, there is no announcement or news yet on when the highly anticipated game would be released. What is known only is that the game would be released on mobile devices like Android, iOS and on the Amazon Appstore.

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