Here Are The 10 Best Cards Players Can Use In Clash Royale

Even if others suggested that Clash Royale will have an end game soon, other players believe that the game is still enjoyable. That is the reason why Supercell keeps on adding new cards in it. However, there are certain cards that some players consider as the best among the rest.

The 10th best card that players are fond of using is Baby Dragon. Despite its size, the card is powerful when it comes to attacking small-time enemies from the opponent's deck. The ninth card is the Knight, which the players like to use as it can give serious damage to its enemy.

In the eight place is the Ice Wizard. Although it might lack defense and offense in Clash Royale but it can certainly face the other attacks of different cards from the opponent. It can also lead group of minions during an attack.

Next, if the players are thinking of upgrading their defensive skill, then they have to use the Skeleton Army card. According to Paste Magazine, the Skeleton Army is best used against an opponent who cannot perform a counter-attack. The sixth card is the Prince, which is famous for its charging attack. With Prince, if the player decides to attack first, then the damage can be doubled.

The fifth best card in Clash Royale is the Barbarians. Even if the players noticed that it cannot survive in aerial attacks, the Barbarians can attack the strongest cards in the game. The fourth card is the Valkyrie, which is considered to be stronger than the Knight as some players consider the Valkyrie as their worst nightmare in Clash Royale. 

The third best card in the game is Zap. As per MoeSport, with the card's recent update, it became more useful. However, it is one of the cards that are hard to master. In the second spot is The Hog Rider, which is the most popular card in Clash Royale. It has the ability to defy some of the most powerful cards in the game.

And the card that belongs to the top spot is the Log. It is the best card to defend players against series of attacks thrown by the opponent. With the different cards in Clash Royale, players can still use their own chosen cards to ensure them victory. At the end of the day, it will always depend on their strategies and timing.

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