Dancing Donald Trump, Theresa May Featured In Katy Perry's Brit Awards Performance

Katy Perry stunned her fans at this year’s Brit Awards where she performed her current hit single “Chained to the Rhythm.” The star performed alongside two huge mascots dancing which are a bit similar to U.S. President Donald Trump and Theresa May.

As Perry sings, a bunch of dancers dressed as white houses grooved to the beat as the two skeletons dance with them. When asked if the performance was inspired by mere political inclinations, Perry refrained to answer anything. However, the said performance said ablaze social media firestorm.

Keen-Eyed Netizens Observed Skeletons Dressed Up Like Donald Trump And Theresa May

Even though Perry refused to comment of the matter, a plurality of netizens have observed that the two skeletons were dressed like Donald Trump and United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May during their first meeting at the White House last month. The singer also performed the same song at the Grammys but it had a relatively different concept.

White House Falling Off The Stage - A Symbolism?

Aside from the apparent symbolisms used in Perry’s Brit Awards extravaganza, another incident caught the attention of her fans who witnessed the live performance. According to eonline, one of the dancers dressed as a white house fell offstage. However, there has been no report on whether the dancer was injured or is still recovering from the fall.

Feud With Fellow Celebrities

Recently, Katy Perry has been embroiled in controversy after making a joke about Spears’ mental health at the Grammys 2017. This action has instigated a backlash on social media, creating the #KatyPerryIsOver hashtag which trended during the course of the music awards.

Perry also had a long-standing feud with Taylor Swift. During one of Kanye West's concert in Los Angeles, Perry recorded herself while singing along Kanye's song 'Famous'. In the video, Perry's eyes broaden when the lyrics "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" was sang. She made a closeup of herself while singing "Why? I made that bitch famous."

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