New Updates Arrive To Ark: Survival Evolved, Details Revealed

Almost all Ark: Survival Evolved fans will agree that the story of the game has been about updates. After all, developer Studio Wildcard has no choice but to do so. Unless, of course, if they plan to release the full version. Speaking of updates, the video game company reportedly release another set. This time around, though, it's more about adding new Dinos and structures, among others.

According to the official forum site of the game, the studio itself revealed the ongoing plans they have for the new Ark: Survival Evolved content. The latter is believed to be part of the few upcoming updates for the game. It's worth noting that one of these will arrive to the PC platform first. It's no other than the v255.

The aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved update will introduce a new Dino called Electrophorus. Along with it are three other creatures. These are namely Thylacoleo, Microraptor and Ammonite. But of course, as promised by the video game company before, the update is not just about Dinos -- new features are also to be expected.

This is where the so-called TEK Shield Generator structure comes in to the whole Ark: Survival Evolved picture. Its arrival also meant the inclusion of the TEK Doors and TEK Tileset. Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to utilize a total of four brand new hairstyles and four facial hairstyles, as reported by Express. While these may be the story of the new update, Studio Wildcard is expected to reveal the full patch notes soon.

After the aforesaid Ark: Survival Evolved update, another one is set to be unleashed come March 29. It's called the v256, which will add both the Amphibious and Aquatic Creature Breeding game mechanic. This one here is a new feature deemed to bring significant changes to the game's gameplay. Among the new Dinos coming to title are Equus, Leedsichthys, Iguanodon and Ichthyornis. Players are also expected to received new structures such as the TEK Cave, TEK Power Generator and TEK Teleporter, to name a few.

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