Overwatch Anchora Update: Everything We Know About The Next Hero

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment started dropping hints about the upcoming playable character of Overwatch.  The company posted on the game's character blog which reveals some details about this new character. However, several reports said that recent Overwatch leaks point out to Anchora being the 24th playable character in Overwatch.

According to the posts of Blizzileaks on the 4chan forums, the leaks mentions that Anchora is going to be the next hero arriving in Overwatch. The new character is described as a four-legged Omnic tank hero. Based on the post, her skill set is projected to work similarly to Reinhardt, wherein the team will undergo difficulties if she's taken down quickly. Anchora originated from Numbani, having a West African descent.

The recent leaks state that the character is somehow related to the past Efi Oladele reveals. Meanwhile, the official site of Overwatch posted regarding the interview with Efi Oladele, a young Robotics and AI inventor. The main highlight of the interview is that the 11-year-old girl inventor desires to create a robot that protects people. However, the interview did not reveal any direct hints regarding the next Overwatch character. Possibly, Oladele might build Anchora or somehow a part of her.

The BitBag reported that Overwatch's current Meta in competitive mostly composed of Tank picks alongside two complimentary supports to assist them to muscle their way through the game's objectives. Most Tanks present in Overwatch inflicts high damage to the opponent which makes them flexible pick for both teams. Meanwhile, the support maintains the large health pool of these Tanks as they clash with the opposing team.

If Overwatch does turn out to be the next Tank hero in Overwatch, she might add more feedstuff to the game with its present Tank Meta. However, it is also worth noting that Anchora might also discourage the enemy team or break the Tank Meta strategy.

Meanwhile, fans are highly recommended to wait for upcoming character reveal. Furthermore, additional information about Doomfist and his connection with Efi, if there's any, may be announced soon.


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