‘My Hero Academia’ Season 2 Latest News: Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Episode And Volume 14 OVA Revealed

By Joseph St. James. , Feb 24, 2017 03:30 AM EST

Fans who have been waiting for "My Hero Academia" season 2 will be happy to hear the news that there are new leaks and updates about the original video anime (OVA). More detailed information about these leaks will be released next week. Details about new characters are also included in these updates.

Here Are Some Sneak Peeks

The Weekly Shonen Jump has recently announced that it will give some fans a sneak peek on "My Hero Academia" season 2 in its issue next week. The publication will also share some details about the previous and upcoming episodes as well as some details on volume 14 of the OVA. The title of the OVA is "Training of the Dead."

New Characters Will Be Added

There are also new characters that will be added to the anime. They include Maaya Uchida who will play the role of Habuko Mongoose and Ryouhei Kimura who will play as one of the first original characters of Kohei Horikoshi. "My Hero Academia" season 2 will start airing on March 25 while volume 14 OVA will be released in June 2017. Volume 13 which will be released in April 2017 will act as a bridge episode.

Horikoshi Is Creating The New Character Designs

The name of the new character that will be played by Kimura is Romero Fujimi. Habuko which will be played by Uchida is actually a friend of Tsuyu, who is one of the original characters of "My Hero Academia" season 2. The next issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump will give the fans a sneak peak of how these characters will look like in the TV anime series.

The original story of "My Hero Academia" season 2 was developed by Horikoshi. The script is being written by Yousuke Kuroda. The new character designs for "Training of the Dead" episode are being created by Horikoshi himself. These designs were already unveiled by the author last January 2017.

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