'Fairy Tail' Chapter 524, 'Last Arc' Spoilers: Ezra Joins Battle; New Enemy Coming

Fans will need to say goodbye to "Fairy Tail" manga soon. The manga has entered its final arc titled "Last Arc" which will feature the guild's ultimate battle. Spoilers for "Fairy Tail" chapter 524 revealed that Ezra will be returning to battle and a new threat is coming to the team.

The official website of the series revealed on Tuesday, Feb. 21, that the manga is already in its final arc with the war with Zeref and the Spiriggan 12. The manga had a back-to-back release of chapters 522 and 523 featuring Ancologia's return.

In "Fairy Tail" chapter 524, Ancologia will continue to threaten the members of the guild. A report reveals that a new enemy will join the final battle. On the other hand, fans might also see Ezra. There are speculations he will join the battle soon. However, some fans speculate that Ancologia's target is not Ezra but Wendy. Ezra is set to battle not just the Black Dragon Slayer but Irene as well as he heads to the battlefield.

Other spoilers hint on a Natsu and Zeref centered chapter. With the release of the new visual poster of Natsu in half dragon mode. There are speculations he would achieve the ultimate dragon form and learn to control it with his own free will just like Ancologia.

Meanwhile, the series is making a comeback in theaters with a new feature film "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" which will be released in Japan on May 6. It was revealed that manga creator Hiro Mashima was involved in the production of the film as its executive producer. He designed new characters and drew about 200 storyboard pages. To add to the hype, the film was directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa, who previously worked on "Naruto Shippuden Movie" and "Attack on Titan." There are speculations of a new movie depicting the "Last Arc" in the manga. "Fairy Tail" chapter 524 will be released on March 7.


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