Hardlight VR Suit Lets You Feel The Game All Over Your Body

A startup company wants people to feel every punch, gunshot, and explosion while playing a game in virtual reality. NullSpace VR, Inc. is making the gaming experience even more real with the Hardlight VR suit.

Tech Crunch described the VR suit as a vest with a number of "vibrational elements" that are responsible for providing the "feeling" part of the PC game or VR system. It is made up of 16 different vibrational nodes and haptic feedback zones or sensors. The sensors correspond to different muscle groups in the body and will deliver a reaction as required by the game. The reaction brought about by the suit will give the feeling of experiencing the actual action. For example, if someone or something in the game hits the character on the stomach, the player will feel that hit on his or her stomach through the VR suit.

The Hardlight VR Suit is relatively easy to use. Simply put it on then plug it in before starting the game. The suit is sweat proof so there is no need to worry about comfort or the possibility of getting some fluid into the hi-tech device. It is also adjustable so anyone can suit up.

The company behind the Hardlight VR Suit, NullSpace VR Inc., was founded by CEO Morgan Sinko, Jordan Brooks and Lucian Copeland. Sinko and his colleagues came up with the concept of a virtual reality suit after they became "frustrated with the lack of haptic interaction in games".

The Hardlight VR Suit is not the first to incorporate other senses to gaming. Back in the day, gamers only had their senses of sight and hearing to enjoy a game. Today, gamers can smell and feel, as well. The VR Sense does exactly that. The VR arcade cabinet lets players feel like they are galloping on a horse while rain, wind or snow is touching their faces. One can also feel the heat coming from virtual flames or even smell different kinds of scents in the game.

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