'Vikings' Season 5, Episode 1 To Air In November? Lagertha Might Die

The consequences of Ragnar and Sigurd's death will bring ripples to the Lothbrock brothers in "Vikings" Season 4. Spoilers reveal that Ivar will be conflicted in Sigurd's death. There are speculations "Vikings" season 5, episode 1 will air this November.

After successfully avenging their father's death, the Lothbrock brothers fights about what to do next. "Vikings" season 4 ended with the shocking death of Ragnar in the hand of his brother Ivar after a quarrel. However, it looks like Ivar will be the most conflicted about what he's done.

Spoilers for "Vikings" season 5, episode 1 spoilers reveal Ivar will feel guilty of his brother's death. Shedding tears in his funeral he will tell him how he loves him and that he didn't mean to kill him. Either way, this would create a rift between the brothers which will lead to a world war. "To be a son of Ragnar [is] the biggest calling card in the Viking world. Almost immediately after they succeed in revenging their father, they pave the way to, essentially, world war," series showrunner said in a report. Ivar and Bjorn specifically will be at odds.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that more major characters will die in season 5. With Ragnar's death, everyone is in danger of getting killed in the series. There are predictions that Lagertha would be next in the death list. In season 4, a Seer who predicted Ragnar's death predicted Lagertha will also be killed by one of the Lothbrock brothers. In the state of things, it is most likely Ivar. He has already killed his brother and there are speculations he would kill Lagertha to avenge his mother.

There is no specific releases date yet but fans are expecting that "Vikings" season 5, episode 1 will premiere in November after a nine-month break. Previously actor Alex Høgh Andersen himself, who plays the role of Ivar revealed the series will return before the year ends.


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