DJI Says You Can Now Get A Mavic Pro In As Fast As One Day

DJI has been changing the shipment schedule of the Mavic Pro for the past weeks. Ever since the holiday rush has passed, the company seemed to have had a better handle on the drone's supply. Back in October, DJI has been met with an overwhelming amount of criticisms for its inability to deliver the Mavic Pro on time. The drone was supposed to be shipped mid-October but due to the alleged shipment-issue, some of the first buyers of the Mavic Pro did not receive their orders on time. The worst thing about the said shipment-issue was that the delivery schedule was pushed back to up to two months farther.

Needless to say, DJI was soon able to get a handle on things. Now, the company is listing the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Mavic Pro Combo with a 1-3 day shipping. This is by far the fastest shipment schedule that the company has listed for the Mavic Pro. In the past few weeks, the drone's shipment ETA has changed from 10-15 days to 5-7 days and even up to 3-5 days.

If there's one thing that's uncertain though, it's whether or not the abundance of the Mavic Pro supply has also been forwarded to third-party sellers. As of the past weeks, there were still people who haven't received their units yet, even though their orders were placed a few months ago. Most of these people who share their dismay on forums and comment sections say that their orders were made with third-party vendors. This somehow leads to the conclusion that only DJI is able to ship the new Mavic Pro drone in a short period of time.

Among all the online listings of the popular drone, only DJI promises to ship in as quick as one day. Apple currently lists the drone with a "sold out" mark while Amazon says it can deliver the drone as soon as March 7. B&H on the other hand says that the Mavic can be shipped by March 1 and that the drone is currently available in limited quantity.

Needless to say, the Mavic Pro is still one of the best and most popular drones in the market. This is evidenced by all the positive feedback that the drone gets from reviewers. Additionally, the drone's popularity may also be the main reason why it has been pretty difficult for interested people to finally get their hands on the drone.

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