Top Strongest Video Game Characters

All players have their very own favorite video game character, from arcades to role-playing games all having their very own so-called hero or champion. Although some might be asking, who is the most powerful that can beat all of the other favorites out there? This article aims to do a run-down on the most powerful video game characters in game history so far.


By the end of the game, Asura was flying through space, destroying stars thrown at him by a true god. When Asura engaged said god in a battle, at first, the god could block his full punch with a single finger. By the end of the fight, Asura took a full power hit from the creator of his universe with his forehead, sending tremors through the god's body and knocking the god back. That should clearly show that Asura is way past the whole star destroying level of power 


Kratos got stabbed in the chest but still managed to survive. He also managed to kill different creatures and greek gods like Zeus, the ruler of the underworld Hades, the sisters of fate, the ruler of the sea Poseidon, Thanatos, the god of war Ares,  Athena, Perseus, etc. 


Kirby can survive entering the atmosphere of a planet and further, Kirby can survive the vacuum of space and blasts strong enough to destroy huge mountains. Kirby's warp star can go faster than light, Fighter Kirby is strong enough to destroy different planets and Jet Kirby can go at Mach 5 and his stomach as another plane of existence. Kirby does not just simply copy his opponent's powers, Kirby can also enhance them. Asura and Kratos may be very powerful but even they cannot stop the everlasting hunger of the pink creampuffKirby. 

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