Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC News: New Map Has A Zombie

DICE might release They Shall Not Pass DLC for Battlefield 1 soon. The content will have four new maps, weapons and vehicles that players will surely love. However, one of the maps is said to have a zombie as a new enemy in the game.

They Shall Not Pass' Fort Vaux Map Has A Zombie?

Players are quite unsure if DICE is revealing a new feature in one of the maps in They Shall Not Pass DLC. They claim that when they were watching the trailer, they have heard a zombie scream in Fort Vaux map that will soon be part of Battlefield 1.

According to PVP Live, DICE likes to plant several easter eggs in Battlefield 1 that is why players are thinking if what they heard was true or not. They are speculating that the last dog tag they have received in the game is a sign that zombie will be coming in the game.

Players are now eager to solve if DICE will release series of easter eggs that will help them decode what is coming in They Shall Not Pass DLC. They are excited to know if zombies will be part of Battlefield 1. If their theories are true, then the game will certainly be more challenging.

Fort Vaux Is Quite Familiar

Players who are participating in CTE of Battlefield 1 have access to They Shall Not Pass. As per VG247, players described Fort Vaux is similar with Operation Metro and Operation Locker. They have noticed that the map has a lot of tunnels and a massive fort.

Other than that, players have already seen the new French Army in They Shall Not Pass. They have seen the two new tanks that will soon be added in Battlefield 1. They are ecstatic because participating in CTE gave them some idea of what to expect.

Hopefully, They Shall Not Pass DLC will not disappoint the Battlefield 1's players mainly because of what they have seen in different trailers and what they have observed in CTE. DICE should make sure that the upcoming content will make the game more exciting.

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