'Big Little Lies' Episode 2 Might Show Nicole Kidman's Celeste Killing Her Husband; Pilot Episode Hits 2.1 Million Viewers

HBO's Newly released "Big Little Lies" is moderately gaining popularity, but it easily became the most female-skewing series on its pilot episode. The series reportedly gained 1.13 million viewers which later reached a total of 2.1 million audiences on its release. As the show shifts to its episode 2, fans are already thrilled to see who among the characters will die and who among them will turn out to be the murderer.

HBO has launched another crime drama series through "Big Little Lies," and its pilot episode has earned inarguably good reviews. Its 2.1 million viewers fall short though of "Westworld's" 3.3 million-viewers opener, but it has overtaken "The Night Of." Reviews praise the powerhouse cast where Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Alexander Skarsgard are placed together on a single spot. However, the mysteries packed in the show's plot is getting even higher praises than the actors.

The David E. Kelley creation kicked off with "Someone's Dead" and it left off a lot of questions on the minds of the viewers. The murderer and the victim are reportedly the first noticeable points to be resolved in the miniseries, but theories suggest more mysteries are hidden in the show.

"Big Little Lies" is based on a book of the same name, penned by Liane Moriarty. Those who already read the novel might have the upper hand in pointing out at the answers, but the show's production team promised a more exciting version of the T.V. series.

"Big Little Lies" episode 1 featured a present timeline where there is a threat of an impending murder and a series of flash forwards where viewers saw that a murder case is being resolved. Madeline Martha Mackenzie (Witherspoon), Jane Chapman (Woodley), and Celeste Wright (Kidman) were seen analyzing their actions, their lives and their relationships with people as they try to find out who among them is capable of doing a murder.

The homicide is indeed the main mystery that needs to be resolved in the show, and fans are already theorizing who will die in the show. A lot of fans believe that Perry Wright (Skarsgard) will turn out to be the victim and one of Celeste, Jane and Madeline will be the culprit. Following this, some viewers suggest that Perry will be murdered by his wife Celeste, and fans are even expecting to see the murder scene as early as episode 2.

The synopsis though of the next episode of "Big Little Lies" suggest to delve deeper into the lives of the characters, but a hint on the Perry murder theory might be seen in the upcoming chapter. The story will see Celeste asking Perry to see a counselor together, teasing that the couple is having some troubles.

"Big Little Lies" episode 2 will air on Sunday, Feb. 26 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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