Would Steve Jobs Be Proud Of Apple Today? Here's Everything He Wouldn't Like

Would Steve Jobs Be Proud Of Apple Today? Here's Everything He Wouldn't Like
A large group of the public credited Steve Jobs for putting Apple on the map and when he was running the Cupertino-based company, it flourished. But in the years following his death, the company has been under severe scrutiny. Photo : Bloomberg/YouTube

When Steve Jobs was calling the shots at Apple, the company flourished and the public was always left marveling at its latest releases. But since Jobs' death, there has been severe scrutiny and doubt surrounding the tech giant. Reigning CEO Tim Cook has changed a few things about the product lineup that Jobs would never have considered.

ZDNet reported on a few key things that Jobs would particularly disagree with, according to his previous keynote speeches, product releases, and interviews. One recent product he might not have gotten on board with are the Airpods. Jobs was not a believer of Bluetooth earphones simply because users would have one more thing to charge.

The current state of iOS might be another point of debate in Apple if Jobs is still available for consultation. He had always believed in the power of simplicity and a large part of the iPhone's appeal when it was first released is just how neat and orderly it was to navigate. Now, however, the operating system is full of other features that it is arguably at the point of awkwardness. There are so many movements that result in various pages and so any pop-ups as well.

"Focusing is about saying ‘No,'" the publication quoted Jobs. What he meant at that point is that focus is important and that, moreover, the focus should be on making the products better. At the beginning of the iPhone era, there was nothing to consider outside of how much storage space you wanted. And yet, fast forward to the current setup, and there are sizes to think about and colors to weigh in.

It has been more than five years since Jobs' death and in those five years, Apple has released a handful of less-than-worthy products, all of which he would have been unhappy about. Take for example the battery case for the iPhone that had a charging indicator on the side where users could hardly see it. Or the rechargeable mouse that had its charging port played at the bottom. Jobs was always about function and there was a reason for everything.

Jobs would also likely be disappointed, with a large mass of Apple users, about the need for several dongles. "I'm as proud of what we don't do, as I am of what we [do] do," he once said. And yet, Apple has recently been releasing products, each of which requires a different dongle to connect to the other.

Steve Jobs would be 62 years old now and there is no doubt that he left a legacy that is unmatched. It is, of course, unclear whether or not he would have changed his mind about certain items with how technology has panned itself out since his passing in 2011. Nevertheless, he has left behind not only the groundwork for the future of one of the leaders in technology but also several pieces of wisdom. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking," IBTImes quoted him saying. "Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice."

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