The Probability Of New Call Of Duty Game Launching On The Nintendo Switch

Activision has just announced that there will be a new "Call of Duty" game that will be released this year. The game company says that it might be featuring the traditional gameplay of older games in the franchise, as it leaves the hi-tech space environments of the latest game.

Well, that is very good news. But then again, there are more surprises lurking in the corner. According to Forbes, the new "Call of Duty" game will also be coming out in the new Nintendo console, the Switch.

"Call of Duty" Goes Back To Its Original Gameplan

To add up to it, the Nintendo Switch will only be having two first-shooter games, this will be the upcoming new "Call of Duty" game and "Splatoon 2". This would surely be a very good thing for Activision, as it will be able to monopolize the market for shooting games in the Nintendo Switch.

This would also make perfect sense for the Switch to accommodate, as it doesn't have a second-screen, unlike that of the Nintendo Wii U. According to Tweak Town, the Nintendo Switch will cost $299.

"Call of Duty" And Nintendo Switch Partnership

If ever this plan would push through, which is most likely to, and then this would be the first major "Call of Duty" game that would be played wherever and whenever. This would also usher in a new age of LAN games, thanks to the Switch. Surely, the upcoming "Call of Duty" game would be very exciting and interesting.

What this means is that online matches can be played together in a same room, without any split-screen features. With all of these being said, this year is indeed the perfect and only time for Activision to release the new "Call of Duty" game, as it will coincide with the Nintendo Switch.

It is also worth considering that the Nintendo Switch is also in need of a legit first-person shooter game. The new "Call of Duty" that will go back to the traditional setting and gameplay style is the perfect candidate for that spot.

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