Pokemon Go Update: Gen 2 Introduces Two New Region Exclusive Pokemon

Everyone should know that no matter how hard they try, they are not going to find and catch all Pokemon. This is due to the fact that out of the 145 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, four of them can only be found in specific regions.

Catching 'Em All Is Impossible in Pokemon Go

If players really want to catch them, then what they should do is to add them in Pokedex and get them hatched. Players could also go to abroad instead and walk around the cities until they encounter one. Then that's the time they can throw a ball at it.

According to BGR, there are already 80 new Pokemon in town, due to the Gen 2 update. This made it even harder to catch all of them, considering that four of these Pokemon can only be caught in certain exclusive places.

Flying Abroad May Help Players Catch Every Pokemon

Avid Pokemon Go players have also tried their best to catch Corsola. In one of the polls conducted in Reddit, 850 responses from different people were obtained. What the poll did was to ask the players to report any Corsola sightings.

Of course, the avid players responded positively to the game. As soon as multiple sightings went in, the poll was then able to know where these Corsola Pokemon can be found. According to Forbes, only two non-legendary Pokemon from the Gen 2 update are left unfound.

Surely, more revelations about the exclusive Pokemon will be unveiled really soon. The gaming community just needs to do more teamwork in order for them to find out if catching every Pokemon is indeed possible.

For now, more information is needed in order to know more about these exclusively, hard-to-find Pokemon. Surely, Pokemon Go will still be one of the most popular mobile games of all time. It's indeed very hard to overtake the fame that this game currently has.

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