Hugh Jackman Wishes Wolverine Was In 'The Avengers' Movie

Hugh Jackman has just made a surprising revelation that had fans sigh in regret, reminding fans that "Logan" is his final “Wolverine” project. He has just revealed his interest in another Marvel movie franchise, “The Avengers”. He shared that if Wolverine was part of the said Marvel team, it would have made a difference.

It would have actually made a huge difference because Hugh Jackman confessed that if his character, Wolverine, was offered a part in any of the Avengers movies then he would have changed his mind about making “Logan” his final portrayal of Wolverine. He said he would have kept his role for a few more years. “If that was on the table when I made a decision, it certainly would have made me pause,” he said.

He further revealed that he always loved the idea of his character, Wolverine, being dynamic. He particularly suggested that Wolverine could have worked with Iron Man and the big green guy, Hulk. But in all honesty, he said that if he was really given that chance, he really would not have said that this would be his last Wolverine movie.

He explained that he decided to stop playing the role of Wolverine because, after 17 years of giving life to the said Marvel character, this time felt like the right time to finally throw in the towel and move on. He was disappointed though that he and fans would never see a movie that will have the Avengers and Wolverine together in it. And if it does happen in the future, fans will no longer be seeing him acting out the role of Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman will star in the new Marvel movie, “Logan”, which will be his last movie portraying Wolverine. The story is set in a time when no new mutants have been born for 20 years and Logan makes a living out of being a limo driver. “Logan” will premiere in the United States on March 3.

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