'Nashville' Season 5: The Series Post-Rayna; Zach And Will Get Closer

This week's "Nashville" season 5 dropped a huge bomb. Two episodes before the midseason finale Rayna died due to organ failure after a car accident. The next episodes will feature her funeral and the characters' grief on her death especially Deacon and the girls.

In a recent interview, "Nashville" showrunner Marshall Herskovitz gave hints on what's to come after Rayna's death. "Nashville" season 5, episode 10 will see Rayna's funeral. The promo for the next episode showed a glimpse of Deacon giving an emotional eulogy and the family at the cemetery. Herskovitz revealed next week's episode will be one of the strongest episodes they have made. 'It's so remarkable and so emotional and full of grace and elegance and connection and love."

The upcoming episodes will feature life without Rayna. He added that love will hold the family together. Everyone is grieving but they will also start to look ahead to the future. Herskovitz described how her family will be affected by Rayna's death. "Life does go on, but Rayna lives on in these people and we feel the loss -- some of them much stronger than the others. Some of our storylines are about the inability to move on."

Meanwhile, it's not the end yet for Connie Britton, Rayna would be coming back in a few episodes for some flashbacks. Herskovitz did not reveal in how many scenes or how many episodes but fans will surely get to see her in the future episodes.

The official synopsis of "Nashville" season 5, episode 10 "I'll Fly Away" via Spoiler TV also revealed some hints on what's ahead for Rayna's family. There would be a legal dispute that will threaten the family. This must have something to so with Teddy. The promo revealed he was out of jail. On the other hand, Will and Zach will get closer to each other and Juliette will demand to have a performance at the CMT Music Awards.

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