Nioh Celebrates A Million Sales; Free Golden Armor

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have announced that Nioh has just broken one million sales unit marker from the sum of both digital and retail sales, Gematsu reported the figure. To celebrate the big achievement and to thank players, Team Ninja will be giving out the Golden Nioh Armor which is already available in the game but will be doing so with a little more flair.

In the mere two weeks that Nioh has been released, the title has already secured a sizable fanbase. Reviews for the game are very positive. Dark Souls fans who are clamoring for a new challenge have gravitated to the game. The title have meet the expectations of fans by the looks of things.

Although many gamers struggle with the second boss massacring a multitude of new players in-game, there are many special items and abilities that can help make the game easier. There are also some players who have very little difficulty with the game, downing bosses with ease and navigating effortless through hordes of demons. One player managed to beat the title in only 96 minutes.

Koei Tecmo has recently announced several new additions coming to Nioh soon. The company said that there will be 10 additional higher difficulty missions which will be added next month for free. The game’s first DLC pack will arrive in April and also the game’s PvP mode. The company also announced two other premium expansions however details for this have not yet been given. It seems that Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are taking good care of the player base for their new title judging by the amount of scheduled content to be released for Nioh and the new armor that they are freely giving away, as reported by GameRant.

Along with the new patch, Nioh players will be given a golden armor variation of the preorder Nioh armor. Players should go to the shrine and go to the Boons section to download the free DLC. Once in the Boons section, the players will be prompted. The DLC will be in the player’s inventory along with a smithing text that players can give to the blacksmith, as published by Reddit.

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