Sex Breaks During Work Hours Proposed By Swedish Town

A SWEDISH town is proposing sex breaks during work hours and allow employees to go home for mid-day romps. Per-Erik Muskos, a politician in the town of Overtornea, believes that workers should be allowed nookie breaks during the working day as it helps make relationships better, increases well-being, and therefore work performance. Most importantly, the raunchy proposal is also a good way to boost the country's dwindling birth rate.

“It’s just three little letters. S-e-x.,” Muskos explains in an interview as he shares his plan to discuss it before the local council later this year. He is confident that he will get an easy approval, which would immediately implement the proposed law. The radical proposal will most likely be received with open arms by the 550 workers in the town.

Muskos' sex break idea is a bid to help increase the number of births in Sweden. The small town, together with its neighbor, Finland, are struggling to find ways to stop its youngsters from leaving for the major cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. Most young people convene to find jobs and settle down in these metropolitans, The Sun reports.

“Many young people leave the town on the same day they leave school,” Muskos adds. He believes his proposal can address the population problem, and make the town a more attractive place to live. He hopes for approval of his proposal as it might at least make life better in the town, which he thinks might make young people want to stay.

According to the BBC, the politician is confident that sex breaks will help solve the population problem as EU announced a dramatic drop in the numbers of babies born, with an average of 11 births per 1,000 Swedes every year. By contrast, African nations report birth rates of between 35 and 40 per 1,000 people. However, the proposal isn't just about boosting baby-making, it's also about enhancing people's lives, Muskos says.

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