Pokemon Game Approach Needs To Change For Switch

The Pokemon Company confirmed that it would be supporting the Nintendo Switch. CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara in an interview said that the company would have to rethink how it handles games for Switch if the company decides to incorporate the new technology. Ishihara sat down with Toyokeizai Online, a Japanese business and technology, to discuss the future of Pokemon including Pokemon Go and new games on the Nintendo Switch.

When Ishihara was asked about how The Pokemon Company will be involved with Nintendo Switch, Ishihara stated that the company would have to change the way they approach designing their main title games like Pokemon Sun and Moon. Ishihara elaborated that Pokemon has been about being portable. He says now that there is the Switch which is a portable home console, it has higher specs and a bigger screen which the company is not used to. He said that aside from their main games, the company also makes games like Pokemon Mystery and Pokken so he thinks they should make games that will suit the Switch, however he said he cannot confirm any projects just as yet.

Last year, it was rumored that a game codenamed Pokemon Stars would be released by mid-2017. However, The Pokemon Company has not confirmed those reports. More information is expected to be released throughout the year about what The Pokemon Company has in store for fans and its plans for bringing Pokemon games to the Switch, as published by Polygon.

Although it may be a while before gamers will know for sure what the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon would be like, fans of the Pokemon franchise would have to contend themselves with high-definition renders of Pokemon Sun and Moon. It looks like the Pokemon Company has something up their sleeves with a much bigger game planned for Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, as reported by Tech Mic.

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