Samsung Officially Announces Secure Folder App For Galaxy S7

Samsung has just officially announced that the Secure Folder app is now available for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users. The application offers a security solution for mobile users to secure and protect their data and information. Samsung said that Secure Folder merged Knox security platform and provides encryption options for users to protect their data.

Secure Folder Backup And Restore

Users can simply move apps and media files to a Secure Folder in order to gain an additional layer of security and privacy on their smartphones or devices. Secure Folder can be locked with different authentication methods which include PIN, pattern, passcode or biometric verification, like a fingerprint. Samsung said that users can store various contents like apps, images, and documents, in order to keep them hidden from snooping eyes. Additionally, they can create copies of apps and access them through other profiles.

Secure Folder App: Setting Up And Customization

Setting this up is really simple. All you need to do is download Secure Folder, sign in using your Samsung Account, and then move the sensitive data by choosing "Move to Secure Folder" in native TouchWiz apps or by manually adding the files to the folder. Moreover, you can also customize the name and icon, or simply hide your folder in the Quick Panel. The sandboxed data is separate from everything else. This app is very useful and a powerful addition that will surely please users managing high-risk information on their devices every day, made better by the fact that Secure Folders also support Samsung's cloud-based backup and restore functionality.These backups remain isolated from the phone's other general backup files can only be restored within Secure Folder's settings by the original user/Samsung Account holder.

For now, this is only available for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge running Nougat. Secure Folder should arrive on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as well. Samsung is planning to expand this to other devices soon.


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